ABOUT Southern Grill 





Southern Grill is a local company in Tukwila WA, new to the neighborhood, but not to the industry. 

Southern Grill serves traditional & classic southern style sandwiches and dishes .... 

We believe that southern food is comfort food at its best using the freshest ingredients possible. 

We use slow-cooking methods to achieve the tastiest dishes, and we use the

freshest ingredients to bring out delicious southern flavors done right.    

Most of our dishes are prepared from scratch.      

Our most common ingredient begins and ends with integrity, a lot of love, and accountability to the Most High's Presence.  We also work hard to maintain a high standard of consistency because we believe its not

only what you put on the plate, but its the process of getting it there.    

Most of our meats are all natural meats, locally raised and washed thoroughly before cooking it.  

Our goal is that each bite you take will not only satisfy your mouth, but also warm your body, soul & spirit ...

from our heart to yours.  "Simply Southern, Love You Can Taste."